The ultimate job benefits list

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I recently just switched jobs and figuring out if I was getting a good deal took me forever. I made this list of all of the factors to consider when it comes to job benefits. Hope it helps you make your decision as well!


  1. Salary – Not all salaries will be an increase from your previous job, but make sure if you are taking a pay cut that there is high potential to grow in the future
  2. Bonus – Look out for yearly performance bonus or signing bonus that makes the offer even sweeter
  3. Stock/Equity – Employee stock or equity for a public company can be very valuable as the company grows, especially for a startup
  4. 401K match – A good number here is at least 6% match
  5. Retirement/Pension Fund – Some companies put aside money in a separate account for you apart from your 401k based on years of service. Take advantage of this!

Time Off

  1. Vacation – Expect at least 10 days off to start, hopefully more
  2. Parental Leave – If you plan on having a family, this is important to consider for the long term
  3. Adoption Leave – If you plan to adopt in the future, make sure you get the same rights as a parent
  4. Disability – Short term and long term disability is important to consider in case there is an incident that happens in your future like a surgery
  5. Volunteering Time Off – Is there a sabbatical option? Can you use time off to volunteer and give back to your community?

Other Considerations

  1. Career Trajectory – You want to be able to receive a pay raise and promotion within two to three years
  2. Office Location – Do you need to move? Increase your rent payment? Ask for relocation if you need it!
  3. Commuter Benefits – Most companies offer tax free commuter accounts to help make public transportation more affordable
  4. Health and Wellness Program – Companies offer resources to help support health and well being. Some even offer financial incentives to be healthy.
  5. Adoption Assistance – Adoption can be expensive and some companies help cover the cost
  6. Life Insurance – Make sure the company offers a good life insurance plan to secure the future of your loved ones

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